Govt. Rajendra College Honors Admission, Subject Lists & Others

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Today we are going to discuss the Government Rajendra College honors admission information, subject list, and payment information. Government Rajendra College is a public college which was established in 1918. It is situated on an area of 54 acres in the town of Faridpur district. Government Rajendra College is a higher-secondary education institute. It has honors and master’s degrees as well. Rajendra College is affiliated with the National University and it controls all academic and admission activities. If you are an honors candidate then this article is for you. In this article, we will learn the details about honors admission, honors subject lists, and payment information to be admitted at Government Rajendra College. So let’s get started –

Govt. Rajendra College Honours Admission

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Already, we know that Government Rajendra College is associated with the National University. That’s why the honors admission process, along with all the academic activities, controls NU authority. So if anyone wants to be admitted to Government Rajendra College, they have to complete the admission process on the National University admission website.

Some Information about Rajendra College-

Address: Faridpur 7800.
Established: 1918.
Institute type: Government
Available program: Intermediate, Honors, Degree Pass, Masters Final, & Preliminary Masters.
Student: Around 30,000
Phone: 01715-024497
College official site:

The application process for honors admission

To apply for honors admission, applicants must comply with the minimum requirements. They have to pass the HSC examination with a minimum GPA. If they are eligible to apply for honors admission, then they can apply completely.

At first, they have to visit the NU application website and log in with SSC & HSC roll and passing year. After pressing the log-in button, they will see their detailed information. If all the information is valid, they should proceed to the next steps and complete the submission.

NU application website:

After completing the application submission, applicants should print a copy of the application form so that it can be used for the next step.

After submitting the application form, the NU authority verifies the applicant’s information, and they will provide a merit list according to their SSC & HSC results. When NU publishes the merit list for honors admission, applicants can see their selected subject and college by logging in to their NU profile.

Then they could complete their admission process by submitting all the required documents to the Rajendra College office desk.

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Rajendra College Honors Faculties and Subject Lists

Government Rajendra College offers many subjects for honors students under four valuable faculties. There are a total of four faculties, and under these faculties have 21 subjects. All these subjects are given below:

1. Arts Faculty: The Faculty of Arts is a faculty of Rajendra College that offers arts-related subjects to the students. This faculty is available to students with an arts background. All subjects are Bangla, English, History, Islamic History & Culture, Islamic Studies, and Philosophy.

2. Science Faculty: The Faculty of Science is a popular faculty at Rajendra College. This faculty is only for science-related students. It offers many science-related subjects. These are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Information and Communication Technology, and Geography and Environment.

3. Business Studies Faculty: The Faculty of Business Studies is a faculty that offers some valuable subjects to its students. These subjects are Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing, and Management. Only students with a background in business studies can get admission to these subjects.

4. Social Science Faculty: The Faculty of Social Science is a faculty related to the arts and social science. This faculty offers some social science-related subjects to the students. These subjects are Sociology, Economics, Political Science, and Social Work.

All of these subjects are available at Government Rajendra College for honors students.

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Rajendra College Admission Fee Payment Process

Government Rajendra College accepts their academic fees on an online payment gateway on their website. So that students can easily pay for their application or other fees. Their e-payment systems are very beneficial to their students. As well, the college authority also benefits because they can easily collect their fees from their students.

Government Rajendra College Fees

Admission Fee5,500 Taka
Session Fee (Per Session)3,200 Taka
Form Fill-up Fee (Per Year)4,000 Taka

Government Rajendra College is one of the popular colleges in the Faridpur district. Rajendra College provides many reputed subjects or courses to the students which is why students want to get admission to this college. If you’re an honors candidate then Government Rajendra College can be the best choice for you.

In this article, we have discussed the Government Rajendra College. Its admission process is also discussed so that candidates can easily complete their admission process for their honors admission. Since the Government Rajendra College is a division of the National University, the National University’s administration oversees all of the college’s admissions and academic processes. There is a discussion of every subject offered for honors admission. Also covered are all the specifics regarding the college’s faculty. Government Rajendra College currently collects various academic and admission fees from students through its website. It has a huge positive impact on their students. Thanks for reading this article. Stay connected with us for the latest updates.

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