Price Hike Paragraph for HSC, SSC [150, 200+ words]

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The price hike is the most important paragraph for the examination. For the SSC, HSC, and other classes as well as any competitive examination it is the most popular paragraph. The price hike paragraph discusses the increased prices of essential goods in recent times.

For our students, we write this paragraph in simple words and sentences with valuable information. Kindly read this paragraph and get a better concept of this paragraph. So let’s start with the main paragraph –

Price Hike Paragraph

(a) What is a Price Hike?
(b) What is the reason for the Price Hike in Bangladesh?
(c) What is the impact on our society?
(d) Who are the main sufferers of it?
(e) How can control it?

Price Hike Paragraph for SSC – 220 words

A price hike means an unusual increasing the price of the daily necessary goods. In recent times, price hikes have been a very common matter in Bangladesh and this problem is getting worse daily. Market syndicates are responsible for this price hike in Bangladesh. More traders are creating a fake crisis by starting essential commodities to make extra profit. Another reason is that the cause of price hikes is less agricultural production due to natural disasters or other reasons, lack of raw materials, want for speedy communication, lack of political stability, money inflation at the national level, etc.

Price hikes cause the trouble in the society. The people of the society are under a major threat. Price of essential commodities goes beyond the capacity of low-income people. Furthermore, most of the people suffer from the price hikes problem. When some goods price increase, then increases the other goods prices. So, it’s a problem that can not be solved overnight.

The Government should take immediate steps as well as long-term steps to reduce price hikes. Find out any syndicates or businessmen who are involved in making the fake crisis in the market. Also, control the money inflation. The agricultural sector should be given priority in the annual budget. At the same time, it is necessary to make public awareness of the price hike.

Price Hike Paragraph for SSC

Price Hike Paragraph for HSC – 250 words

A price hike means an increase in daily goods and commodities prices rapidly. The price hike is a usual phenomenon in our country at this time. Price hike is now a major problem not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world. Nowadays, to be frank our country’s people accept this normally. Price hiking spans from food to accommodation, education, health treatments, and all over sectors, in short, all the necessities for the citizens. A tendency to slowly increase the goods price is normal, this is called inflation where the price of all things slowly increases with time. When the goods price increases, the money value decreases. But a price hike is quite different, a price hike means no price growth for everything, it means the price growth rapidly by the syndicates, creating a fake supply or insufficiently or the major reasons.

Price hike occurs for many reasons. But the real scenario in Bangladesh is a price hike occurs to the syndicate’s problems, creating artificial supply insufficient and limitations. The shortage of goods or product supply chain is often caused intentionally to hike the price and take more benefits from it. Syndicates and Businessmen of suppliers and sellers decide together to create a shortfall. Poor government regulation is responsible for most of the time. Corruption is another reason for the price hike in the country. The insufficient supply chain needs to be dealt with the perfect regulation. So, the lack of proper handling in selling the goods supply is the key issue most of the time.

Price Hike paragraph for HSC

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We would like to complete this price hike paragraph by focusing on some major points. Which affects a country in its core of consumption. Price hikes make people suffer and the only authority to impose any control over it is the government of the country. As a people, if we don’t take the necessary steps, the lack of proper guidelines and rules will create more instability and hike prices in even more dangerous states in the days to come.

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