Madaripur College Honors Subject List and Tuition Fees

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Madaripur Government College is one of the best colleges in the Madaripur district. It is a popular college that offers intermediate, degree-pass, honors, and master’s programs for students. Madaripur College was established in 1948, during the Pakistani period. Madaripur Government College was popularly known as Government Nazimuddin College, but in 2022, the college authority took the step to change its name and get the new formal name of Madaripur Government College. Students of Madaripur and nearby districts are studying in various courses of this college. If you want to get admission to Madaripur College and are eager to know about this college then this article is for you. Because in this article discusses the Madaripur College honors program subject list, as well as the tuition fees. So let’s get started-

About Madaripur Government College

Madaripur College Subject List

College address: Madripur-Dhaka main road, Madaripur-7900.
Established: 1948.
Telephone: 0661-61524, 0661-62401
Available programs: Intermediate, Honors, and Masters.
College website:

Madaripur Govt. College Honors Program

Madaripur Govt College is under the National University; that’s why they can offer honors courses to the students. There are a total of 14 departments or courses in this college. Students have the opportunity to be admitted to this college based on merit after completing the HSC program, contingent on their HSC results NU provides the appropriate courses. The NU authority controls both of these processes of merit list and admissions.

Honors program subject list at Madaripur College

Madaripur College provides fourteen (14) subjects to the students for the honors program. Each subject is demandable and there are enough facilities for each subject. These all courses are-

Subject codeSubject name
16Islamic History and Culture
19Political Science

The tuition fees for honours students of Madaripur Govt College

Madaripur College is a government college which is why it doesn’t charge tuition fees to the students. But this college charges admission fees from the honors and masters programs admission candidates. It also takes session fees, and form fill-up fees as well from its students. But this amount is very low than the other colleges.

Admission Fees: When students are getting admission to this college, they are taking the admission fees from the students. These admission fee amounts are different for each program. For the honors program, students have to pay around 4,500 for the admission fees.

Session Fees: The students who are already studying at this college have to pay a session fee for every session. This amount is likely around 3,000 takas for each honors program’s students.

Form fill-up Fees: The honors program is for four years. The college and the National University authority take an examination every year for the honors program students. For this examination, a student has to fill out the form to confirm the examination. This form fillup charge can be around 4,000 takas for each student.

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In summary, Madaripur Government College is a well-reputed public college in Madaripur district. If you’re an honors program admission candidate then you can choose this college for your four-year graduate program. This college offers almost fourteen (14) subjects to the students for the honors program. And charges fewer tuition fees to the students. In this article, I have shared all the information about the Madaripur Government College honors program subject list, and the tuition fees as well. Hope this article will help you to get admission to this college. Thanks for reading this article. Stay connected with us for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is the Madaripur Government College under the National University?

Madaripur Government College is under the National University. The National University has authority over its graduate and undergraduate programs.

2. What was the previous name of Madaripur Government College?

Nazimuddin Government College was the previous name of the current Madaripur Government College.

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