Leading University Tuition Fees & Tuition Waivers

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Hi there, How are you? I hope you are well. Now we are talking about the tuition fees of the most reputed private university, Leading University. Leading University is known as LU to the people. It is a private university that was founded in 2001. Leading University is located in Ragib Nagar, South Surma, Sylhet. Many students are studying, and every session admits new students. Since Leading University is a private university, there are tuition fees and other fees for its students. In this article, we will learn about the leading university tuition fees per semester and the tuition waivers. We will also learn about the application process to get admission to Leading University. Let’s get started-

Leading University Tuition Fees per Semester

Leading universities charge tuition fees per semester to their students. According to the course credit number, the tuition fee amount can be different for each semester. The tuition fees per semester for the subjects are-

Subject nameCredit numberSemester Fees
Civil Engineering1644500/-
Islamic Studies1404500/-

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Leading University other fees

This university also takes other fees from their students. Like admission fees, transport fees, student activity fees, lab fees, and tuition fees. From the below chart, we will get more information about this fee.

Leading University Tuition fees chart

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Leading University Tuition Fees Waiver

Leading University is one of the most popular private universities in Bangladesh. It provides many tuition waivers for several categories to its students. A student may be eligible for a waiver in several categories, but they will get one waiver, whichever is higher for them. See all categories for tuition waivers-

  • 75% tuition waiver for Golden GPA 5.00, both in SSC & HSC.
  • 60% Tuition waiver for GPA 5.00, both in SSC & HSC. (Having 1 golden GPA of 5.00 in either)
  • 50% Tuition waiver for GPA 5.00 both in SSC and HSC
  • 30% tuition waiver for a GPA of 4.50, both in SSC and HSC.
  • 30% Tuition waiver for admission of second child of same parents.
  • 15% tuition waiver for a GPA of 4.00, both in SSC and HSC.
  • 10% tuition waiver for a GPA of 3.50, both in SSC and HSC.
  • 10% Tuition waiver for Female students.
  • 10% tuition waiver for special waivers for teacher’s children and tribal & physically disabled children.

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Leading University is a ranked university in the private university list in Bangladesh. Their tuition fee is lower than that of other private universities. They consider tuition waivers for their students that are massive and made exceptional its than the other private universities. There are many categories of tuition waivers for their students, all of which are discussed in this article. We also discussed the tuition fees, admission fees, and other fees of this university. If you are admitted at Leading University then you will be eligible for such waiver categories. Hopefully, this article will help to get admitted to Leading University with valuable information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many semesters are there in a year at Leading University?

They offer three semesters for each session or year to both undergraduate and postgraduate program students.

2. How long is it per semester?

Every semester is fifteen to seventeen weeks long.

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