143 – Important Idioms and Phrases with Bengali Meaning

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This is our third tutorial on the Idioms and Phrases topic. Idioms and Phrases are the most important topics in the English Language. By using Idioms and Phrases you can develop your sentence-making skills. And also improve your speaking skills. So let’s start with the main tutorial –

The most important Idioms and Phrases I – Z

Idioms and Phrases part three

In this article, there are more Idioms and Phrases which serialized as I to Z.

Idioms and Phrases serial from 1 – 20

01. In a body (as a group- সবাই মিলে) We all should work in a body for the amelioration of our country.

02. In a fix (in a difficult situation- হতবুদ্ধি) I am in a fix and I am in need of your help.

03. In a nutshell (in short- সংক্ষেপে) Our teacher told us the story in a nut shell.

04. In accordance with (according to- অনুসারে) My friend acted in accordance with your advice.

05. In cold blood (deliberately- ঠান্ডা মাথায়) The man was murdered in cold blood.

06. In favour of (to support someone, to work for someone- কারো পক্ষে) They canvassed in favor of my brother.

07. In good stead (be of specialized- অন্যতম) My father’s advice will stand you in good stead at all times.

07-1. In lieu of (in stead of- পরিবর্তে) Mamun took up English in lieu of Bengali.

08. In order to (for the purpose of doing something উদ্দেশ্যে) We went there in order to meet the man.

09. In regard to (about) He had nothing to say in regard to this matter.

09-1. In respect of (in point of – বিষয়ে) I am senior to him in respect of service.

10. In season and out of season (at all times- যখন তখন) Beggars disturb householders in season and out of season.

11. In spite of (notwithstanding- সত্ত্বেও) They went out in spite of the rain.

11-1. In the dark (ignorant about something or someone – কোনো কিছু সম্পর্কে অজ্ঞ ) About this matter, I am totally in the dark.

12. In the event of (in case- যদি) What will you do in the event of your father’s death?

13. In the face of (in opposition- প্রতিকূলতা সত্ত্বেও ) He proceeded with this work all alone in the face of opposition from all quarters.

14. In the wake of (Just after- তাৎক্ষণিক পরেই) The police came in the wake of the accident.

15. In view of (in consideration of – বিবেচনা করা) In view of your excellent physique, I advise you to join the army.

16. Ins and outs (full details- সবকিছু) I know the ins and outs of the affair.

16-1. Iron will (firm determination- দৃঢ় সংকল্প) We support him only for his iron will at every step.

17. Jack of all trades (someone who can do several different jobs instead of specializing in one- সব কাজের কাজী) The precious boy is a jack of all trades and master of none.

18. Keep body and soul together (to keep alive- কায়ক্লেশে জীবন ধারন করা ) This blind beggar has no means to keep body and soul together.

19. Keep the wolf from the door (to keep off starvation-জীবিকা নির্বাহ করতে না পারা) Jean faced great difficulties in keeping the wolf from the door.

20. Kith and kin (relatives- আত্মীয়-স্বজন) The orphan was taken no care of by his kith and kin.

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Idioms and Phrases serial from 21 – 40

21. Know no bounds (to be boundless- সীমাহীন হওয়া) The sufferings of Kamal after his father’s death knew no bounds.

22. Laughing stock (an object of ridicule- হাসির পাত্র) A fool is a laughing stock to others.

23. Lay heads together (to confer closely- পরামর্শ করা) They will lay heads together to hit upon a new plan.

24. Lead a cat and dog life (lead a life of quarrels- সব সময় ঝগড়া করা) The two brothers are leading a cat and dog life.

25. Leading light (educated and famous man- শিক্ষিত ও বিখ্যাত ব্যক্তি) All the leading lights of the city addressed the meeting.

26. Lead by the nose (to control completely – পরিপূর্ণভাবে নিয়ন্ত্রণ করা) He is leading all the members of his party by the nose.

27. Leap in the dark (jump in the dark-বিপজ্জনক কাজে হাত দেওয়া) Think about your decision once more; do not leap in the dark.

28. Live from hand to mouth (to live in providently-দিন আনে দিন খায়) With his poor income, he has to live from hand to mouth.

29. Loaves and fishes (gainings – ব্যক্তিস্বার্থ ) He eyed only for the loaves and fishes from his team.

30. Long and short (the simple fact – আসল কথা) The long and short of this decision is that I do not want to deal with your firm anymore.

31. Look down upon (to hate- ঘৃণা করা ) Don’t look down upon the poorest person.

31-1. Lose head (not act in a calm way – ধৈর্য হারানো) You should not lose your head.

32. Maiden speech (first speech of a new member in a public body – প্রথম বক্তৃতা ) That was his maiden speech.

33. Make a clean breast of (to confess- ত্রুটি স্বীকার) The convict made a clean breast of the whole affair.

34. Make a living (to earn a livelihood for oneself কারো জন্য অন্ন সংস্থান) He makes his living by earning an honest penny.

35. Make a stand (to come to stop – দৃঢ়ভাবে মোকাবেলা করা) You should not lose heart but make a stand against the odds.

36. Make mess of (to ruin something- গোলমাল পাকানো) He is making a mess of his practice.

37. Make nothing of (to fail to understand- কিছুই না বোঝা) I can make nothing of what he says.

38. Make way (allow room for someone or something else – রাস্তা করে দেয়া) The followers make way for the leader.

39. Man in the moon (impossible or invisible thing- অসম্ভব বস্তু) What about you? You are seen to have become a man in the moon now-a-days.

40. Man of parts (a talented person পন্ডিত ব্যক্তি) A man of parts like him is sure to prosper in life.

Idioms and Phrases serial from 41 – 60

41. Man of straw (a worthless man – অপদার্থ) We do not care a big for that man of straw.

42. Move heaven and earth (to try every possible means – যথাসাধ্য চেষ্টা করা) He moved heaven and earth to search for his lost child.

43. Naked eye (unassisted vision – খালি চোখ) That planet cannot be seen with the naked eye.

44. Narrow escape (narrowly saved from an accident- দারুণ বেঁচে যাওয়া) He had a narrow escape from the accident.

45. Neck and crop (completely- আপাদমস্তক) The intruder was turned out neck and crop.

46. Now and then (occasionally- মাঝে মাঝে) My friends come here now and then.

47. Odds and ends (strange things – টুকি-টাকি) Your brain is filled with all sorts of odds and ends.

48. Of course (naturally- অবশ্যই) Kamal succeeded in life and was of course praised by all.

49. Of no avail (of no use- বৃথা) My effort was of no avail.

50. On the alert (watchful and attentive- সতর্ক) Be on the alert when you sleep alone in this room.

51. On the brink of or, on the verge of (very near to – খুব নিকটে) The gentleman is on the brink of ruin.

52. On the contrary (on the other hand, rather than- পক্ষান্তরে ) I do not hate you, on the contrary I like you.

53. On the eve of (just before- তার আগেই) Mr. Dulal went to Dhaka on the eve of the puja vacation.

54. On the look out of (looking for – খোঁজা) Salam is on the look out for a job.

55. On the point of (about to- প্রায়) The patient is now on the point of death.

56. On the spur of (spontaneously- আবেগের বশে) Do not take any decision on this serious matter on the spur of the moment.

57. Once for all (now and for the last time- শেষ বারের মত) He left his native land once for all.

58. One and all (everyone and separately- প্রত্যেকেই আলাদাভাবে) The juries one and all declared him innocent.

59. Open eyes (realize the truth about something- চোখ খোলা) This incident will open his eyes to his friend’s dishonesty.

60. Out and out (fully-পুরোপুরি) Nazrul Islam was out and out a rebel poet.

Idioms and Phrases serial from 61 – 80

61. Out of gear (out of order- সেকেলে বা পুরানো) War and famine throw human society out of gear.

62. Out of pocket (a loser- কপর্দহীন) He is out of pocket by transaction.

63. Out of sorts (ill or not feel well- সুস্থ নয়) She feels out of sorts today.

64. Over again (once more – আবার) Amin may do it if he tries over again.

65. Over and above (besides- উপরন্ত) Over and above being lazy, he is dull.

66. Own counsel (to not say what self opinions are – মতলব প্রকাশ না করা) Keep your own counsel.

67. Palmy days (days of prosperity- উন্নতির সময়) Friends flock around us in our palmy days.

68. Past master (expert- দক্ষ) He is a past master in the art of oratory.

69. Penny wise and pound foolish (careful in little things but extravagant in large amount – বজ্র আটুনি ফসকা গেরো) A penny wise and pound foolish government officer is an enemy to the country.

70. Pin money (daily expenditure given by a husband to his wife – স্ত্রীকে পদত্ত হাত খরচ) She saved all her pin money and bought a nice present for her husband.

71. Play to the gallery (to seek popular praise- প্রশংসিত হওয়া) He was a great platform speaker because he knew the art of playing to the gallery.

72. Play tricks (deception- প্রতারণা করা) He played tricks with me.

73. Point blank (directly, bluntly- সরাসরি) We asked him point blank.

74. Provide against a rainy day (to lay by something for difficult times – দুর্দিনের জন্য সঞ্চয়) Everybody should provide against a rainy day.

75. Puppet in the hand (a person who has not own control upon himself – হাতের পুতুল) A leader should not be a puppet in the hands of his/her followers.

76. Put a good face on ( grim as it really is- যথাসম্ভব প্রশান্ত মুখে সহ্য করা) You must put a good face on your defeat.

77. Put shoulder to the wheel (to start doing something with all energy and determination – অন্যের উপর নির্ভর না করে নিজে কাজে লাগা) If you want to succeed, you must put your shoulder to the wheel.

78. Qualified for (certified- যোগ্য) He is qualified for the post.

79. Quick at, of (moving fast or doing something in a short time- দ্রুত) He is quick at doing maths.

80. Quarrel with (heated argument- কলহ করা) Do not quarrel with your parents.

Idioms and Phrases serial from 81 – 100

81. Queue up (to get into line to wait- সারিবদ্ধ ভাবে দাঁড়ানো) The driver told the passenger to queue up.

81-1. Rag day (a funny and charming day of academic life- শিক্ষা জীবনের আনন্দঘন দিন) I remember many a rag day of my college life.

82. Red-handed (caught or arrested on the spot – হাতে নাতে ধরা ) The robbers were caught red handed by the public.

83. Red-letter day (a memorable day- স্মরণীয় দিন) The 26th march is a red- letter day to the people of Bangladesh.

84. Rise up to the occasion (to try extra hard work to do the task- অনুপাতে সমান হওয়া) At time’s calls all must rise up to the occasion.

85. Root and branch (completely- পুরোপুরি) The evil practice of untouch ability must be destroyed root and branch.

86. Run cold (make one’s blood cold- রক্ত ঠান্ডা হয়ে গেল) My blood ran cold when I saw the sight.

87. Run oneself out of breath (gasping for air, typically after exercise – উর্ধ্বশ্বাসে) He ran himself out of breath and could not more any further.

88. Right and left (on all sides- এলোপাথারি) He hits to right and left.

89. Salt of the earth (persons with very high qualities- জ্ঞানী ব্যক্তিবর্গ ) Man like Vedyasagar and Lincon were the salt of the earth.

90. Save face (to avoid seeming feeling embarrassed-সম্মান রক্ষা করা) I tried hard to save my face but failed.

91. Scope goat (the man who is to blame though he doesn’t know anything – একজনের দোষ অন্যের উপর চাপানো) He is very obedient that does not mean that you should make him a scape goat.

92. See the light (to understand something clearly at last- জন্ম গ্রহণ করা) A human being has seen the light tonight in the hospital.

93. Set foot on (enter- পদার্পণ করা) He is impatient to set foot on land.

94. Set his face against (resist with determination- তীব্র বাঁধা দেওয়া) He set his face against the proposal.

95. Set store (to have faith, confidence, or belief in something or someone – মূল্যবান মনে করা) I set store by your help.

96. Sit on the fence (to remain neutral- নিরপেক্ষ) The man who sits on the fence is very often misunderstood.

97. Slow coach (a person who is slow in action- অলস ব্যক্তি) You should not depend on a slow coach like him in such an urgent matter.

98. So to say or so to speak (by the by- বলতে কি) The head clerk is so to say all in this office.

99. Speak mind (to say what one thinks about something very directly – খোলাখুলিভাবে মত প্রকাশ করা) You are free to speak your mind.

100. Speaking terms (a mutual relationship to a casual greeting or conversation – সৌজন্য সাক্ষাত) I am not in speaking terms with him.

Idioms and Phrases serial from 101 – 120

101. Stand clear of (away from or avoiding something- সরে দাঁড়ানো) Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

102. Stand to (to stick to- লেগে থাকা) My friend will ever stand to his promise.

103. Stand well with (to be accepted or liked by one- সুনজরে) He stands well with the authorities here.

104. Steer clear of (avoid – Storm in a tea-pot (to uproar about practically nothing – তুচ্ছ বিষয়ে ভীষণ হৈচৈ করা) One should steer clear of bad friends.

105. Sweat of one’s brow (hard work- কঠোর পরিশ্রম) The lowest person of our country earn by the sweat of their brow but many of them cannot prosper.

106. Take a fancy to (to like-পছন্দ করা) I took a fancy to his stick to honesty.

107. Take heart (to be encouraged- সাহস সঞ্চয় করা) Mukul took heart at his teacher’s words.

108. Take to one’s heels (to escape- পালানো) The robbers took to their heels at the sight of the police.

109. Tell upon (to affect-ক্ষতি করা) His sleeplessness will tell upon his health.

110. Ten to one (very likely- কম সম্ভাবনা) Ten to one, this girl will pass in the examination.

111. Through and through (completely- পুরোপুরি) He is wet through and through.

112. To a fault (excessively- অতিরিক্তভাবে) She is generous to a fault.

113. To be hard (not easy to bend, cut, or break- কঠোর হওয়া) I have to be hard on him as he was talking too much of liberty.

114. To keep up appearance (to act as though everything is normal or fine in times of trouble- বাহ্য ঠাট বজায় রাখা) Don’t spend so much to keep up appearance.

115. To make room (take into account- স্থান করা) He left his seat to make room for the old man.

116. To play cool (to stop, control or not show emotions- ঠান্ডা মাথায় মোকাবিলা করা) It was a very difficult situation but he played it cool.

117. To the backbone (in the inmost being the backbone- হাড়ে হাড়ে ) This boy is wicked to

118. Turn tail (to escape to run away- পালানোর জন্যে দৌড় দেওয়া) At last the Pak army turned tail from Bangladesh.

119. Under a cloud (to be suspected of something- হতোদ্যম) Now he is in under a cloud.

120. Up and doing (to be active and occupied- তৎপর হওয়া) Be up and doing if you want to succeed in life.

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Idioms and Phrases serial from 121 – 143

121. Up to the eyes (extremely busy- আকন্ঠ নিমগ্ন) He is up to the eyes in debt.

122. Union with (come or bring together for a common purpose or action – মিলন) Rahim seeks union with him.

123. Urge upon (insist on something- পীড়াপীড়ি করা) He urged upon the chairman for the sanction.

124. Used to (a situation existed past but does not exist now- অভ্যস্ত) He used to play football.
Unite with (togetherness) Be united with your friends.

125. Useful to (able to be used for a practical purpose- উপকারী) This book is useful to us.

126. Vary from (different- আলাদা হওয়া) His opinion varies from his brother’s.

127. Vexed with (annoyed- বিরক্ত) He is vexed with me at my conduct.

128. Vote for (to be in favour of, in a group decision-নির্বাচন করা) I voted for an honest man.

129. Visit to (go to see and spend time with someone/something socially- পরিদর্শন) I went on a visit to the National Museum.

130. Veto on (a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a lawmaking body-্নিষেধ করা) China gave a veto on the proposal.

131. Watery grave (to drown and die- সলিল সমাধি) The prince met with a watery grave.

132. Well in hand (under control – আয়ত্তে) He has the situation well in hand.

133. Well up (skilled-সুপন্ডিত) He is well up in English.

134. What not (what else – আরোঁ কত কি) Rabindranath was a poet, a novelist, a dramatist and whatnot.

136. Wild goose chase (a worthless hunt or chase, a futile pursuit- পন্ডশ্রম) All night they looked for the thief who took to his heels unwatched, and thus they made only a wild goose chase.

137. With a view to (in order to with the intention of doing something- উদ্দেশ্যে) He went there with a view to finding a job.

138. With the exception of (exceptional- ব্যতীত), All attended the meeting with the exception of Mr. Rabiul.

139. With one voice (unitedly, Jointly- এক বাক্যে) All accepted my proposal with one voice.

140. With an eye to (purpose of something- উদ্দেশ্যে) Most films are published with an eye to commercial success.

141. Zeal for (great enthusiasm or eagerness- প্রবল উৎসাহ) He has a zeal for social work.

142. Zealous in, for (having or showing zeal – আগ্রহী) He is zealous for improvement.

143. Zest for (interest- অনুরাগ) She has no zest for music.

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