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The Higher Secondary School Certificate – HSC examination 2024 will be held in June 2024 under a revised or short syllabus. Inter-Boards Coordination Committee (IBCC) decided to consider the disruption of the pandemic situation. All Boards will take this exam with the same examination routine. This exam will start on June 1, 2024, to June 22, 2024. The detailed schedule will revealed in the next month.

Today we will discuss better preparation with a short syllabus for the HSC examination 2024. So, let’s start –

HSC short Syllabus 2024

Some tips for the HSC Exams

  • Below there are some important and beneficial tips for the HSC exams:-
  • Create a schedule to start study.
  • Understand the syllabus and focus on the main or important topics.
  • Exercise previous years’ question bank and practice tests.
  • Revise regularly which topic completed you before.
  • Eat healthy food and get enough sleep.
  • Don’t stress out and stay positive.

As a Bangladeshi student, the HSC exam is a crucial milestone in the academic journey. By following the best practice of the schedule of studying can get a better result in the examination.

Short Syllabus for the HSC 2024

In this article, we will share the short English First & Second Paper syllabus. Passage, Grammar, and Writing are suggestions discussed in this post below.

English first paper short syllabus for HSC

Unit nameUnit title
Unit 1: People or Institutions Making History1. The Unforgettable History
2. Nelson Mandela,
3. From Apartheid Fighter to President
Unit 2: Deams1. What is Dream?
Unit 3: Lifestyle1. Etiquette Netiquette
2. Food Trends
Unit 4: Adolescence 1. The Storm and Stress of Adolescence
2. Adolescence and some (Related) problems in Bangladesh
3. Say `No’ to bullying
Unit 5: Youthful Achievers1. Affectionate, Lively and Always Smiling
2. Brojen Das: On Conquering the English Channel
3. The Unbeaten Girls
Unit 6: Relationships1. Family Relationship
2. Love and Friendship
3. A Mother in Mannville
Unit 7: Human Rights1. Are We Aware of These Rights 2
2. Rights to Health and Education
3. Amerigo, A Street Child
Unit 8: Tours and Travels1. Travelling to a Village in Bangladesh
2. Eco-tourism
Unite 12: Education and Life1. Why Education
2. The Parrot’s Tale
3. A Warrior of Light

Hopefully, it will be 100% common in the English first paper examination from this syllabus. Please read all these lessons attentively so that you can provide proper answers to which questions are made from these lessons.

The Marks distribution of English first paper for the HSC examination

Part A

Multiple choice questions.5*10= 05
Short answer questions3*5= 15
Information transfer/flow chart1*5= 05
Summary writing1*10= 10
Close test with clues (unseen).5*10= 05
Cloze test without clues (unseen)1*10= 10
Rearranging (unseen)10
Total marks of Part A –= 60

Part B

Interpreting graph/chart15
Story Writing15
Informal letter10
Total marks of Part B –= 40

The above text is for the syllabus for the English first paper. Here are the details of the short syllabus which is the most important for the HSC examination.

English first paper short syllabus for HSC

S.LTitleLearning Consequence
01The SentenceTypes of sentences, affirmative, negative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, simple, complex, compound) modifier, sentence connectors,
punctuation, conditionals, questions (WH-words and action verbs), statement questions, and tag questions.
02Word formationsynonyms and antonyms, compound
03The Phrasesnoun phrase, prepositional phrase, verb phrase, adjective Phrase, infinitive phrase.
04The ClauseMain clause, subordinate clause, coordinate clause, noun clause, adjective clause adverbial.
05Use of Nounscountable uncountable,
abstract, common
06Use of PronounsSelected by the teacher.
07Use of PrepositionSelected by the teacher.
Comparison of
Adjectives and
speak, read, and write English accurately
in all aspects of communication.
09Verbsregular and irregular verbs, Be verbs, finite verbs, non-finite verbs, transitive and intransitive verbs, infinitives, gerunds, participles, and modals.
10Use of TensesSelected by the teacher.
11Adverb and
Selected by the teacher.
12Direct and IndirectSelected by the teacher.
Special Uses
Selected by the teacher.
14Composition1. write formal, informal, academic, professional, and other genres of texts e.g. descriptive, narrative, and argumentative (writing).
2. use references in writing and making bibliography (reading, writing).

The marks distribution of the English Second paper for the HSC examination

Part A

Gap filling activities without clues (for prepositions)0.5×10=05
Gap-filling activities with clues (special uses: was born, have to/has to, would rather, had better, let
alone, as soon as, what’s…like, what does…look like, introductory ‘there’ or ‘it’)
Completing sentences (with clauses/ phrases)10×1= 10
Use of verbs (right form of verbs and subject-verb agreement as per context)0.5×14=7
Narrative style (direct to indirect and vice versa)7
Use of modifiers0.5×10=05
Use of sentence connectors0.5×14=7
Use of synonym and antonym0.5×14=7
Total marks for Part A –= 60

Part B

Formal letter writing/Email10
Writing a paragraph(by listing/description) within 200 words15
Writing paragraph (comparison and contrast/cause and effect)15
Total marks for Part B –= 40

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In this article, we share the short syllabus for the HSC examination 2024. Particularly provided the mark distribution for both parts of the subject. As a student, you have to follow this syllabus to succeed in your upcoming examination. We have collected this syllabus from the verified authority with 100% common.

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