GST University Subject List – A Step-by-Step Guide

GST University is a unit of several universities. It was established in 2021 with 22 most popular public universities. In recent years more than 2 universities have been affiliated with it. Now its total varsity number is 24. The country’s top Science and Technology and General universities are associated with the GST university. After affiliation, all kinds of admission procedures are controlled by the GST authority. There are various subjects for students in GST-affiliated universities. In this article, we will learn about the GST university subjects list that would help students choose the right subject to complete an honors degree for them. So let’s get started-

GST University subject list for the Programs

The universities that are under the GST universities provide two (Honors & Masters programs to their students. They have been providing many subjects or courses for the students of both programs.

GST University conducts an entrance test for admission candidates. According to the entrance exam result it provides desired subjects to the students. In this article, we will arrange for GST University all subjects listed under three groups.

GST University A unit subject list

‘A’ unit is specialized for only the science unit background students. There are twenty-two subjects available to science students all over the GST universities. All these subjects are given below-

  1. Geography & Environment
  2. Botany
  3. Zoology
  4. Psychology
  5. Microbiology
  6. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  7. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  8. Physics
  9. Mathematics
  10. Chemistry
  11. Statistics
  12. Computer Science & Engineering
  13. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  14. Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  15. Information and Communication Technology
  16. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  17. Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
  18. Biomedical Engineering
  19. Environmental Science and Geography
  20. Architecture
  21. Urban and Rural Planning
  22. Electronics and Communication Engineering

GST University B unit subject list

There are twenty-two (22) subjects in the ‘B’ unit for students all over the GST universities. Students of Humanities background can get admission to these subjects. GST university B unit all subjects are-

  1. Bangla
  2. English
  3. History
  4. Philosophy
  5. Islamic History & Culture
  6. Islamic Studies
  7. Music
  8. Theatre
  9. Economics
  10. Political Science
  11. Sociology
  12. Social Work
  13. Anthropology
  14. Mass Communication and Journalism
  15. Public Administration
  16. Film and Television
  17. Faculty of Law
  18. Drawing and Painting
  19. Department of Printmaking
  20. Department of Sculpture
  21. Development Studies
  22. Mass Communication & Journalism

GST University C unit subject list

It offers a total of nine (9) most demandable subjects to students all over the universities. These subjects are only for Business Studies background students.

  1. Accounting & Information System
  2. Management Studies
  3. Finance
  4. Marketing
  5. Business Administration
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Business Administration (DBA)
  8. Management Information Systems (MIS)
  9. Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)

GST University is very popular the the Bangladeshi honors admission candidate students. After completing the HSC examination most of the students are getting admission for a bachelor’s degree at many universities. GST University is one of them. It offers many subjects to its three valuable groups. According to the HSC background group students can choose any subject that is eligible for them.

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