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Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. Today we will discuss the most popular and reputed Eden College. Eden Mohila College is a women’s college situated in Azimpur, Dhaka. It was established in 1873 under the name of Ashley Eden, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. It’s a government college and has been affiliated with Dhaka University since 2017. In this article, we will learn about the Eden Mohila College admission process, its subject lists, tuition fees, and other necessary information. So let’s start-

Eden College Admission Information

Eden Mohila College is a government college, and it offers two programs to its admission candidates. It offers honors and Masters programs to its students. Students who qualify for this can be admitted to any program that meets the requirements.

To be admitted to the honors program, students have to pass the HSC examination in the recent year with a minimum GPA required. If students comply with the eligibility requirements, then they can get a chance to apply for the honors program at Eden Mohila College.

For the graduate program, students have to pass the four-year undergraduate program/honors course with the required CGPA.

The honors program students can submit their application form on the Dhaka University admission website. After the submission date, the DU authority will arrange an admission test examination among the applicants and publish a merit list. According to the merit list, the DU authority provides appropriate subjects to the students.

About Eden Mohila College-

Former name: Eden Mohila College.
College office address: Azimpur Road, Dhaka-1205.
Established: 1873.
Students: 35,000+
Area: 18 Acres.
Available programs: Honors & Masters
College website: https://emc.edu.bd

Eden College admission form

Students who comply with the undergraduate admission requirements can submit the admission form on the Dhaka University admission website. Among the circular dates, students can submit their application forms on the website.

Eden College subject list for honors program

Eden Mohila College offers many subjects under three faculties to their honors and Master’s programs students. Let’s see all the honors subject lists at Eden Mohila College:

1. Faculty of Science: This faculty is only for science background students. There are a total of eight (8) subjects for the students. Such as Physics, Mathematics, Home Economics, Zoology, Chemistry, Psychology, Statistics, and Geography and Environment.

2. Faculty of Social Science: The Faculty of Social Science is a faculty of Arts and Humanities group related to students. But other groups of students can get admission into this group of subjects. These subjects are Social Work, Political Science, Economics, Sociology.

3. Faculty of Arts: The Arts Faculty is one of the most popular faculty in Eden Mohila College. This college offers six (6) subjects to the students. These subjects are Bangla, English, Philosophy, History, Islamic History, Islamic History & Culture, and Islamic Studies.

4. Faculty of Business Studies: This faculty is the most popular faculty at Eden Mohila College. Faculty of Business Studies offers four (4) demandable subjects to the students. These are Accounting, Management, Marketing, and Finance and Banking.

All of these subjects are available for the honors and Masters programs at Eden Mohila College.

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Eden Mohila College Fees

Eden Mohila College is a government college. So the tuition fees are not so much. For admission purposes, Eden College charges around six hundred(600) takas to each student. They charge around seven thousand (7000) takas annually for session charges and form fill-up fees. There are no extra or hidden charges on this college.

Eden Mohila College is a historical college in Bangladesh. It’s a government women’s college and has been affiliated with Dhaka University since 2017. Its admission and academic activities all control the DU authority. In this article, we have discussed the admission process to get admission. The college subjects and faculties lists are also discussed in this article, as are the admission fees, session fees, and other necessary information. Hopefully, this article will help the admissions candidates get admitted to Eden Mohila College. Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to ask any questions, and we will respond to you soon. Please stay connected with us for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. How do I pay Eden Mohila College online?

Ans: You can pay the fees of Eden Mohila College on its website in the “Education” section and then click on the “Pay” menu.

02. How many students are at Eden College?

Ans: The number of students studying at Eden Mohila College is approximately 35,000.

03. How can I get admission to Eden College?

Ans: After completing the HSC, students will be eligible to apply for Eden Mohila College admission.

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