How to get BRAC University Student Scholarship 2024

Each public university provides many scholarships and financial aid to its students. However a few private universities offer scholarships to their students, and BRAC University is one of them. BRAC University is a well-known private university for its financial aid and scholarships. In this article, I will talk about the BRAC University students’ scholarships and how to get a scholarship as a student of BRAC University. So let’s get started-

What is a BRAC scholarship?

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To help deserving and needs-based students, BRAC University started a program to help such students under this program. Students who are admitted to BRAC University are eligible for this scholarship. So if you want to get this type of scholarship from BRAC University then you have to get admission at this university first.

How many scholarships are there at BRAC University?

There are four types of scholarships at BRAC University. All the scholarships are the best for the students. BRAC provides a healthy amount of financial aid under these scholarships. All these scholarships are given below –

1. BRAC Scholarship (Need-based Scholarship)

This scholarship is only for disadvantaged but meritorious students. Under this scholarship, students get 100% tuition fees, semester fees, lab fees, library, etc. Students also get food and accommodations awarded.

2. Merit Scholarship (Based on BracU academic result)

BRAC University also provides merit-based scholarships to its students. To get this category of scholarship students need to comply with some requirements and have to get minimum marks on the academic examinations. According to the academic result students can get 10% to 100% tuition fee scholarships.

3. International Undergraduate Students Scholarship

For foreign students, BRAC University provides many scholarships to their undergraduate program. There are also some requirements and conditions to get this scholarship. This scholarship is only applicable for tuition fees.

4. International Postgraduate Students Scholarship

BRAC also provides scholarships to the postgraduate programs of foreign students. If any students are eligible for both or more scholarships then they can get only one that is higher. There are also some conditions for postgraduate program students like undergraduate programs.

Can I get a scholarship at BRAC University?

Generally, students of BRAC University are eligible for such of these scholarships. If you’re a student of BRAC University then you can get a chance to get such scholarships. However, you have to comply with some requirements and conditions to get these scholarships.

How to get a 100% scholarship in BRAC?

BRAC University mainly provides scholarships depending on student’s previous and current academic results. Each category of the scholarship depends on the student’s academic results. So if you wanna get the highest scholarship like 100% then you have to get good results on the academic examination for any category of scholarships.

In Conclusion

Among the scholarship-providing universities in Bangladesh BRAC University is one of them. It provides four categories type of scholarships to its students. For the local students, it offers two scholarships, need-based and meritorious. For foreign students, it offers scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate programs. As a student of BRAC University, you can get these scholarships and continue your academic activities.

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