Barisal University Honors Admission Process | Subject List & Total Seats

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Hello there, how are you? I hope you are well. Today we will discuss the Barisal University honors program admissions process and its valuable subject lists. Barisal University is a popular and reputed public university in the Barisal division. It’s the 33rd public university in the country that is situated in southern Bangladesh. BU is a general public university. It offers honors programs for science, business studies, and humanities groups. In this article, we will discuss the admission process for Barisal University honors program students, the subject list, and the total seats for this program that will help you to get admission to this university. So let’s get started-

Barisal University Honors Program Admission

Barisal University is a reputed public university, and every year many students get admission to this university. It offers two programs for its students. One is an undergraduate or honors program; the other is a graduate or master’s program. This article will help teach us about undergraduate program admission and other information.

After passing the HSC examination with the required GPA, you will be able to submit the application form for BU admission.

The required GPA for each group is given below:

Group nameRequired GPA
ScienceThe total GPA for SSC and HSC is 8.00, with a minimum of 3.50.
HumanitiesThe total GPA for SSC and HSC is 7.00, with a minimum of 3.00.
Business StudiesThe total GPA for SSC and HSC is 7.50, with a minimum of 3.50.

Application Process of Honors Admission in Barisal University

The University Grant Commission grants Barisal University’s status as a public university. Recently, Barisal University merged with GST University, and the GST authority handles all aspects of the admissions process. The submission of the application and taking the admission test are all things under the control of the GST authority. So applicants who want to get admission at Barisal University have to submit the application form on the GST official website.

Application Process-

  • Applicants have to visit the GST official website.
  • Login with applicants’ SSC & HSC information.
  • Select the appropriate unit according to the HSC group.
  • Complete the profile and upload the photo.
  • Confirm the payment through the online payment gateway.
  • Save/collect the application form for future use.

Note: See details of the application process on the GST official website.

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Barisal University Honors Admission

Barisal University Faculty Lists & Subjects

It is a public university so there are many subjects and faculties. Though Barisal University is not the oldest university, however, it offers twenty-five (25) subjects under six (6) faculties to its honors program students. In the Below, we will see all these subjects under its faculties.

1. Faculty of Science and Engineering: This faculty is for science-related students. This faculty offers many engineering-related subjects to the students. This faculty is only for students with a science background. The subjects of this faculty are-

    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Computer Science & Engineering
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Geology and Mining
    • Department of Statistics

    2. Faculty of Bio-Sciences: The Faculty of Bioscience is related to biology subjects. This faculty is also available for science background students. This faculty offers courses in biosciences. The subjects of this faculty are-

    • Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences
    • Department of Botany
    • Department of Coastal Studies and Disaster Management
    • Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

    3. Faculty of Business Studies: The faculty of Business Studies is popular in Barisal University. This faculty offers some valuable subjects like management, accounting, marketing, and the famous subject of finance. The Faculty of Business Studies is only available to Business Studies group background students. The subjects of this faculty are-

    • Department of Management Studies
    • Department of Accounting and Information Systems
    • Department of Marketing
    • Department of Finance and Banking

    4. Faculty of Social Science: The Faculty of Social Science is a faculty of arts and social science-related subjects. This faculty offers many social science-related subjects to the students. The Faculty of Social Science is available for all background students. The subjects of this faculty are-

      • Department of Economics
      • Department of Political Science
      • Department of Sociology
      • Department of Public Administration
      • Department of Mass Communication & Journalism
      • Department of Social Work

      5. Faculty of Arts and Humanities: The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is another faculty of arts-related subjects. This faculty offers language-related subjects like Bangla and English, and other subjects are history and philosophy. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is available for all background students. The subjects of this faculty are-

      • Department of Bangla
      • Department of English
      • Department of Philosophy
      • Department of History

      6. Faculty of Law: The Faculty of Law offers the most valuable subject. This subject is popular all over the country. Any background student is available for this faculty. The subjects of this faculty are-

        • Department of Law

        These above-mentioned subjects, which are discussed, are all the most valuable subjects at this time. Any subject has great value for a graduate degree.

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        Barisal University Total Seat

        Barisal University offers around 1440 seats to undergraduate program students. The total seats are given below for each unit:

        Barisal University’s total seats for

        • A unit: 580
        • B unit: 560
        • C unit: 300

        In summary, Barisal University is one of the most well-reputed universities in Bangladesh. It is located in the southern part of Bangladesh. Since Barisal University is linked to the GST University, the GST authority controls all admissions processes. In this article, we have discussed the Barisal University admission process, the faculty lists, undergraduate program subject lists, and the total subject lists for each group that will help you to get admission at Barisal University. Hopefully, this article will be of benefit to you in getting admission to Barisal University.

        Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box; we will respond to you soon. Please stay connected with us for the latest updates.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        1. What is the rank of Barisal University?

        Barisal University is ranked number 72 in the Bangladesh university ranking.

        2. How many departments are in Barisal University?

        There are 26 valuable departments at Barisal University.

        3. How big is the Barisal University campus?

        Barisal University is situated over 50 acres in Barisal City.

        4. How many students are at Barisal University?

        There are around 7 thousand students at Barisal University.

        5. Who is the founder of Barisal University?

        The father of the nation of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was the founder of Barisal University.

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