AIUB English Department Total Cost for 4 Years Honors Program

American International University Bangladesh is a well-reputed private university in Dhaka City. This university offers many demandable subjects to its graduate and post-graduate students. English is one of the greatest one of them. AIUB offers English subjects for its graduate program students with many essential courses. In this article, I will discuss the details of the AIUB English department course and its total cost for four years. So let’s get started-

AIUB English Department Total Credit

American University International University offers a total of eight (8) semesters for a four-year honors program in the English department.

Below there are given the semester information and its credit number –

  1. First-semester credits number – 18.
  2. Second-semester credits number – 18.
  3. Third-semester credits number – 18.
  4. Fourth-semester credits number – 18.
  5. Fifth-semester credits number – 18.
  6. Sixth-semester credits number – 18.
  7. Seventh-semester credits number – 18.
  8. Eight-semester credits number – 14.

Total credits for the four-year honors program in English departments 140.

AIUB English Department Total Cost Per Semester

AIUB charges lower tuition fees for academic activities to their students. It takes a total of 5,500 taka per credit for English department students. Every semester has around 18 credits.

So, the AIUB English department’s total cost per semester is around 99,000 Bangladeshi taka.

AIUB English Department Total Cost

AIUB offers four-year honors courses for English department students. Since it is a private university they need to take a minimum amount of tuition fees for paying the expenses. AIUB English department’s total cost for four years is given below-

These fees are only applicable during admission.

Annual student activities fee
Fee purposeAmount
Admission Fee25,000 taka
Annual students activities fee24,000 taka
Annual Charge7,500 taka
Verification fee2,000 taka
Miscellaneous fee3,500 taka
Computer lab fee2,500 taka
Science lab fee2,000 taka
Studio Fee 2,000 taka

And AIUB English department’s total cost for a four-year honors program is 4,80,000 taka.

AIUB English department contact information

Department of English at AIUB
Phone: +880 18 4411 5000
Address: 408/1 (Old KA 66/1), Kuratoli, Khilkhet, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh.

AIUB is a good private university for English department students. Many students are getting admission to its four-year honors program in English subject. If you are an honors program candidate then you can choose this university for your desired course. In this article, I have provided details information about AIUB tuition fees for English departments. Hope that this information is enough for you to know about it. For more information, you can visit the AIUB admission website.

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