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Aim in Life letter is most important for the students. As a student, you have to focus on your Aim in Life. If you don’t set your aim you can’t reach your destination. As a student, you need to write this topic of aim in life in various sectors. Today we share the aim in life letter that is needed for any examinations-

Aim in Life letter

Helping points for the Aim in Life Letter-

  • Think about your “AIM IN LIFE”
  • Find out the challenges of this profession
  • Describe your aim that is needed for our country

Aim in Life letter for SSC students –

Gazipur, Dhaka.

Dear Suraiya,

I have just received your letter. In your last letter, you want to know about my aim. As your interest, today I will share my aim in life with you. My future aim is to become a doctor. There are many reasons to decide this profession. In my village, many people live and they are affected by various types of diseases. The hospital is a long distance from my village. That reason the village people don’t get medical services for their emergencies. And they don’t get qualified doctors to provide services. They have to rely on fake doctors who are available to near. That’s why the affected people die for unavailable of treatment. So I finally decided to serve the village people of the country by this profession. After the presence of MBBS degree, I will return to my village and serve the villagers. I have plans to set up a charity clinic in my village for my village people.

No more today. Best wishes to your parents and loving younger brother.

Your loving friend-


The Aim in Life letter for HSC students –

Gulshan, Dhaka
12 January, 2024

My Dear Mim,
First, take my love and Salam. Hope you are well. I am also well. In the last letter, you have wanted to know my aim in life. So, now I am telling you about my aim in life in this letter.

Every different man has a different aim in life in their life. I have also a definition of aim in life. I aim to be a good teacher. There are many reasons for deciding this profession as my future aim. I lived in the village since my childhood. I have realized that in my village there are no experienced teachers who care for the students on their starting journey of study. You also know that the proverb “Teacher is the key to making a nation”. I that reason I have selected my profession as a good, experienced, and highly educated teacher. So that I contribute to my village’s students for their proper education. And I want to contribute to developing the student’s career. After completing my higher studies, I will back to my village and contribute to this sector. Pray for me.

No more today. We will discuss more next time we meet. Best wishes to your parents and younger ones.

Your loving –

Aim in life letter two

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Thanks for reading this Aim in Life letter-writing article. We always try to help the student in their study. In this letter-writing article, we share different letters for HSC and SSC examinations. A student can choose anyone for their study. To get more educational articles please explore these site categories. Stay with us for the next tutorial.

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